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Mark Surfas saw the need for hosting and distribution of these mods and created PlanetQuake. The massive success of mods such as ThreeWave Capture the Flag catapulted PlanetQuake to huge traffic and a central position in the burgeoning gaming website scene. Quake also marked the beginning of the Internet multiplayer real-time action game scene.

However, finding a Quake server on the Internet proved difficult. Gamers could only share IP addresses of known servers between themselves or post them on gaming websites. This allowed the listing and searching of Quake servers available across the internet. Surfas licensed QSpy and became the official distributor and marketer while retaining the original programming team. QSpy became QuakeSpy and went on to be bundled with id's QuakeWorld update - an unprecedented move by a top tier developer and huge validation for QuakeSpy.

In the past it included platform -specific sites e. Currently, the company's websites include the gaming portal, GameSpy. GameSpy also offers online matchmaking and community software, such as GameSpy Arcade and GameSpy3D , as well as software development kits SDKs , middleware and back-end online services for game developers and publishers.

GameSpy Arcade is the company's flagship matchmaking software, allowing users to find servers for different online video games whether they be free or purchased and connect the user to game servers of that game. GameSpy also publishes the Roger Wilco voice chat software, primarily meant for communication and co-ordination in team-oriented games, where users join a server to chat with other users on the server using voice communication.

This software rivals the other major voice chat software Ventrilo and Teamspeak. In March , GameSpy added the Wii as another supported platform and will help get some of its games online.

GameSpy was an affiliate of N. As of August , GameSpy has still ceased to publish for the general public on the internet, statistics on the number of servers, players and games actually engaged at any one time. They have ceased to do so since about or possibly longer. In , GameSpy receives angel investment funding from entrepreneur David Berkus. The company also releases MP3Spy. GameSpy quickly reached profitability.

GameSpy shuts down its RadioSpy division, backing away from an online music market dominated by peer-to-peer applications such as Napster and Gnutella. GameSpy releases GameSpy Arcade. The GameSpy Debriefings.





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