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If not there's no way that script can do. What percent of users and experts removed it? Language: English. The reverse of this registry is generated automatically. If you have other apps or games by the same company or developer, this may also remove registry required for those, too. Please check the registry below before using it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5. I need help with an annoying glitch where whenever I do a burglary mission for a while like 1 or 2 hours , the game freezes to a black screen when I enter a house to rob. It happens randomly and sometimes it doesn't happen at all. Buku pramuka penegak pdf. It is very annoying and I loose all progress for the burglary mission. Then I have to start all over again.

I have already tried all of the compatibility modes and they do not help. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate. I am using Timesync 1.

I also have the silent patch already installed. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks! Edited May 27, by Tommy Vercetti Is 1. That is one possibility. But how do I fix this? Would the creator of the Silent Patch be able to fix this?

Because it is very annoying. I wish I could save state the game somehow and then reload it. That way I wouldn't have to restart over again. But what is really weird is that when it freezes once and I restart the computer it doesn't freeze again. It lasts until it crashes somewhere else on another mission. Those crashes during the missions are the standard crashes in Windows 7 where it says it has stopped working.

This is not the freeze glitch and these crashes happen randomly when I start or are in the middle of the missions. I wish there was some way to stop it from crashing all the damn time!!! Even the steam version does this, it is really frustrating! Edited May 28, by Tommy Vercetti Is 1. Ok, that sounds like a plan.

Should I check all of the other compatibility options like disable visual themes, disable desktop composition, and the disable display scaling on high DPI settings? Or should I leave those settings unchecked. Also I have heard that the windows 98 compatibility mode is the best but for some reason when I checked that compatibility mode the game couldn't read my saves. I have never heard of the DEP settings, will try that right away! Thanks for your help. Another thing I thought of could be an issue.

Well I got it to work! I played the burglary mission for 6 hours straight and no freezes. Share this post.


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